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[fyoo-too r-i-tee, -tyoo r-, -choo r-, -chur-] /fyuˈtʊər ɪ ti, -ˈtyʊər-, -ˈtʃʊər-, -ˈtʃɜr-/

noun, plural futurities.
Such discussion is better left to futurity.
generations; posterity:
What will futurity say about this?
the afterlife:
the promise of eternal rest in futurity.
a state or condition; a event, possibility, or prospect:
We are concerned about the futurity of unsubsidized opera. His tactfulness remains more of a futurity than a reality.
the quality of being :
the futurity of the end of the world.
Also called futurity race. Horse Racing. a race, usually for two-year-olds, in which the entrants are selected long before the race is run, sometimes before the birth of the foal.
noun (pl) -ties
a less common word for future
the quality of being in the future
a future event

c.1600, from future + -ity.


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