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Fuzz nutted

adjective phrase

Inexperienced; callow; green: a fuzz nutted rookie

[1970s+; fr fuzznuts]


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    noun 1. a distorted, blurred effect produced electrically in the sound of an electric guitar by increased vibrations or added overtones.

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    [fuhz-ee] /ˈfʌz i/ adjective, fuzzier, fuzziest. 1. of the nature of or resembling : a soft, fuzzy material. 2. covered with : a plant with broad, fuzzy leaves. 3. indistinct; blurred: A fuzzy photograph usually means you jiggled the camera. 4. muddleheaded or incoherent: a fuzzy thinker; to become fuzzy after one drink. /ˈfʌzɪ/ adjective […]

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    fuzzy logic

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