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General Manager.
genetically modified; genetic modification.
Grand Marshal.


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  • Gm2 gangliosidosis

    GM2 gangliosidosis n. See Tay-Sachs disease.

  • G-ma

    noun Grandmother: and cook the g-ma some special grub (1990s+)

  • Gmac

    General Motors Acceptance Corporation

  • Gman

    [jee-man] /ˈdʒiˌmæn/ noun, plural G-men. 1. an agent for the FBI. noun (pl) G-men 1. (US, slang) an FBI agent 2. (Irish) a political detective n. “FBI agent,” 1930, shortening of government man; used earlier in an Irish context (1917), but the abbreviation is perhaps the same one. noun A Federal Bureau of Investigations agent; […]

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