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[gab-er-deen, gab-er-deen] /ˈgæb ərˌdin, ˌgæb ərˈdin/

Also, gabardine. a long, loose coat or frock for men, worn in the Middle Ages, especially by Jews.
(def 1).
/ˈɡæbəˌdiːn; ˌɡæbəˈdiːn/
a variant spelling of gabardine

“long, loose outer garment,” 1510s, from Spanish gabardina, from Middle French galverdine, which is perhaps from Middle High German wallevart “pilgrimage” (German Wallfahrt) in the sense of “pilgrim’s cloak” (from Old High German wallon “to roam;” see gallant (adj.) + faran “to go, travel;” see fare (v.)). The Spanish form perhaps influenced by gabán “overcoat” and tabardina “coarse coat.”


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