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[gag-uh l] /ˈgæg əl/

verb (used without object), gaggled, gaggling.
to cackle.
a flock of geese when not flying.
Compare .
an often noisy or disorderly group or gathering:
a politician followed by a gaggle of supporters.
an assortment of related things.
(intransitive) (of geese) to cackle
a flock of geese
(informal) a disorderly group of people
a gabbling or cackling sound

late 15c., gagyll, with reference to both geese and women. Barnhart says possibly from Old Norse gagl “small goose, gosling, bird;” OED calls it “one of the many artificial terms invented in the 15th c. as distinctive collectives referring to particular animals or classes of persons.” Possibly of imitative origin (cf. Dutch gagelen “to chatter;” Middle English gaggle “to cackle,” used of geese, attested from late 14c.).


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