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galactosis ga·lac·to·sis (gāl’ək-tō’sĭs)
The formation of milk by the mammary glands.


Read Also:

  • Galactosuria

    galactosuria ga·lac·to·su·ri·a (gə-lāk’tə-sur’ē-ə, -syur’-, -shur’-) n. Excretion of galactose in urine.

  • Galactosyl

    galactosyl ga·lac·to·syl (gə-lāk’tə-sĭl) n. The glycosyl radical of galactose.

  • Galactotherapy

    galactotherapy ga·lac·to·ther·a·py (gə-lāk’tō-thěr’ə-pē) n.

  • Galacturonan

    galacturonan ga·lac·tu·ro·nan (gə-lāk’tyu-rə-nān’) n. A polysaccharide constituent of some pectins that yields galacturonic acid when hydrolyzed.

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