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[gal-uh-mey-shee-uh s, -mat-ee-uh s] /ˌgæl əˈmeɪ ʃi əs, -ˈmæt i əs/

confused or unintelligible talk.
/ˌɡælɪˈmeɪʃɪəs; -ˈmætɪəs/
(rare) confused talk; gibberish


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    [gal-in-geyl, -ing-] /ˈgæl ɪnˌgeɪl, -ɪŋ-/ noun 1. any sedge of the genus Cyperus, especially an Old World species, C. longus, having aromatic roots. /ˈɡælɪŋˌɡeɪl/ noun 1. a European cyperaceous plant, Cyperus longus, with rough-edged leaves, reddish spikelets of flowers, and aromatic roots

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