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a person who owns or runs an art gallery


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  • Gallery

    [gal-uh-ree, gal-ree] /ˈgæl ə ri, ˈgæl ri/ noun, plural galleries. 1. a raised area, often having a stepped or sloping floor, in a theater, church, or other public building to accommodate spectators, exhibits, etc. 2. the uppermost of such areas in a theater, usually containing the cheapest seats. 3. the occupants of such an area […]

  • Gallery-forest

    noun 1. a narrow strip of woods or forest along the banks of a watercourse flowing through open country. noun 1. a stretch of forest along a river in an area of otherwise open country

  • Gallerygoer

    [gal-uh-ree-goh-er] /ˈgæl ə riˌgoʊ ər/ noun 1. a person who visits art , especially often or regularly.

  • Galleryite

    [gal-uh-ree-ahyt, gal-ree-] /ˈgæl ə riˌaɪt, ˈgæl ri-/ noun 1. a spectator, as in a theater or at a golf match.

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