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[gal-ee] /ˈgæl i/

noun, plural galleys.
a kitchen or an area with kitchen facilities in a ship, plane, or camper.


any of various kinds of ship propelled by oars or sails used in ancient or medieval times as a warship or as a trader
the kitchen of a ship, boat, or aircraft
any of various long rowing boats


c.1300, from Old French galie, from Medieval Latin galea or Catalan galea, from Late Greek galea, of unknown origin. The word has made its way into most Western European languages. Originally “low, flat-built seagoing vessel of one deck,” once common in the Mediterranean; meaning “cooking range on a ship” dates from 1750. The printing sense is from 1650s, from French galée in the same sense, in reference to the shape of the oblong tray that holds the type. As a short form of galley-proof it is attested from 1890.


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