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[gal-ee-uh m] /ˈgæl i əm/

noun, Chemistry.
a rare, steel-gray, trivalent metallic element used in high-temperature thermometers because of its high boiling point (1983°C) and low melting point (30°C). Symbol: Ga; atomic weight: 69.72; atomic number: 31; specific gravity: 5.91 at 20°C.
a silvery metallic element that is liquid for a wide temperature range. It occurs in trace amounts in some ores and is used in high-temperature thermometers and low-melting alloys. Gallium arsenide is a semiconductor. Symbol: Ga; atomic no: 31; atomic wt: 69.723; valency: 2 or 3; relative density: 5.904; melting pt: 29.77°C; boiling pt: 2205°C

metalic element, discovered by spectral lines in 1875 by French chemist Lecoq de Boisbaudran (1838-1912), who named it apparently in honor of his homeland (see Gallic), but it has been suggested that he also punned on his own name (cf. Latin gallus “cock”).

gallium gal·li·um (gāl’ē-əm)
Symbol Ga
A rare metallic element that is liquid near room temperature and is found as a trace element in coal, bauxite, and other minerals. Atomic number 31; atomic weight 69.72; melting point 29.76°C; boiling point 2,204°C; specific gravity 5.904; valence 2, 3.
Symbol Ga
A rare, silvery metallic element that is found as a trace element in coal, in bauxite, and in several minerals. It is liquid near room temperature and expands when it solidifies. It is used in thermometers and semiconductors. Atomic number 31; atomic weight 69.72; melting point 29.78°C; boiling point 2,403°C; specific gravity 5.907; valence 2, 3. See Periodic Table.


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