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[greynj] /greɪndʒ/

Harold (“Red”; “the Galloping Ghost”) 1903–1991, U.S. football player.
(mainly Brit) a farm, esp a farmhouse or country house with its various outbuildings
(history) an outlying farmhouse in which a religious establishment or feudal lord stored crops and tithes in kind
(archaic) a granary or barn
noun (in the US)
the Grange, an association of farmers that strongly influenced state legislatures in the late 19th century
a lodge of this association

“small farm,” mid-15c.; mid-13c. in place names (and cf. granger), from Anglo-French graunge, Old French grange “barn, granary; farmstead, farm house” (12c.), from Medieval Latin or Vulgar Latin granica “barn or shed for keeping grain,” from Latin granum “grain” (see corn (n.1)). Sense evolved to “outlying farm” (late 14c.), then “country house” (1550s). Meaning “local lodge of the Patrons of Husbandry” (a U.S. agricultural interest promotion organization) is from 1867.


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