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(Scot) bold; daring; reckless


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  • Galluses

    [gal-uh-siz] /ˈgæl ə sɪz/ noun, (used with a plural verb) Older Use. 1. a pair of suspenders for trousers. /ˈɡæləsɪz/ plural noun 1. (dialect) braces for trousers

  • Gall-wasp

    noun 1. any wasp of the family Cynipidae, the larvae of which form characteristic galls on plants. noun 1. any small solitary wasp of the family Cynipidae and related families that produces galls in plant tissue, which provide shelter and food for the larvae

  • Gally

    [gal-ee] /ˈgæl i/ verb (used with object), gallied, gallying. Chiefly Dialect. 1. to frighten or scare.

  • Gallygaskins

    [gal-uh-gas-kinz] /ˌgæl əˈgæs kɪnz/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. .

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