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[gam-buh l] /ˈgæm bəl/

verb (used without object), gamboled, gamboling or (especially British) gambolled, gambolling.
to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.
a skipping or frisking about; frolic.
verb -bols, -bolling, -bolled (US) -bols, -boling, -boled
(intransitive) to skip or jump about in a playful manner; frolic
a playful antic; frolic

“frolic, merrymaking,” 1590s, originally gambolde “a leap or spring” (c.1500), from Middle French gambade (15c.), from Late Latin gamba “horse’s hock or leg,” from Greek kampe “a bending” (on notion of “a joint”), from PIE *kamp- “to bend” (see campus).

1580s; earlier gambade (c.1500), from Middle French gambader, from gambade (see gambol (n.)). Related: Gamboled; gamboling; gambolling.


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