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[gey-mee-nis] /ˈgeɪ mi nɪs/

the taste or odor of , especially when slightly tainted.
; pluck.
squalor or lewdness.


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  • Gaming-table

    noun 1. a table used for gambling, especially one designed with a game board and slots for chips.

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    [gal-vuh-noh-plas-tik, gal-van-oh-] /ˌgæl və noʊˈplæs tɪk, gælˌvæn oʊ-/ adjective, Printing. 1. pertaining to reproduction by electrotypy.

  • Galvanometry

    [gal-vuh-nom-i-tree] /ˌgæl vəˈnɒm ɪ tri/ noun 1. the method or process of determining the strength of electric currents.

  • Galvanomagnetic-effect

    noun, Electricity, Physics. 1. any of several phenomena that occur when an electric current is passed through a conductor or semiconductor situated in a , as the Hall effect.

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