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[gey-mee] /ˈgeɪ mi/

adjective, gamier, gamiest.
having the tangy flavor or odor of :
I like the gamy taste of venison.
having the flavor or odor of or other meat kept uncooked until slightly tainted:
The roast was still edible but was slightly gamy.
plucky; spirited.
lewd or suggestive; risqué.
gross or squalid; unwholesome.
a combining form with the meanings “marriage,” “union,” “fertilization, pollination,” of the kind specified by the initial element: exogamy; plastogamy; allogamy; also forming nouns corresponding to adjectives ending in -gamous:
combining form
denoting marriage or sexual union: bigamy

see gamey.

word-forming element meaning “marriage; fertilization,” from Greek -gamia, from gamos “marriage” (see gamete).

-gamy suff.


Daring; racy; slightly risque´: shown in its gamy uncut version

[1843+; based on the taste and odor of game that has slightly decayed]


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