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[gang-green, gang-green] /ˈgæŋ grin, gæŋˈgrin/ Pathology

necrosis or death of soft tissue due to obstructed circulation, usually followed by decomposition and putrefaction.
moral or spiritual corruption and decadence that pervades an individual or group:
“This church body has been afflicted with a spiritual gangrene that is poisoning our relationship with the Lord,” the preacher expostulated.
Synonyms: decay, rot; depravity, degeneracy.
verb (used with or without object), gangrened, gangrening.
to affect or become affected with gangrene.
death and decay of tissue as the result of interrupted blood supply, disease, or injury
moral decay or corruption
to become or cause to become affected with gangrene

1610s, from gangrene + -ous.

1540s, from Latin gangraena, from Greek gangraina “an eating or gnawing sore,” literally “that which eats away,” reduplicated form of gran- “to gnaw,” from PIE root *gras- (see gastric).

gangrene gan·grene (gāng’grēn’, gāng-grēn’)
Death and decay of body tissue, often in a limb, caused by insufficient blood supply and usually following injury or disease.
gan’gre·nous (gāng’grə-nəs) adj.
Death of tissue in a living body, especially in a limb, caused by a bacterial infection resulting from a blockage of the blood supply to the affected tissue.
gangrene [(gang-green, gang-green)]

The death and decay of body tissue owing to insufficient supply of blood.


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