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[gang-stuh-riz-uh m] /ˈgæŋ stəˌrɪz əm/

the methods or behavior of .
the use of tactics associated with , as intimidation or violence, in order to achieve something.
the culture of belonging to organized gangs of criminals, esp involving violence


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  • Gang-switch

    noun, Electricity. 1. a collection of switches connected to separate circuits and operating simultaneously.

  • Gangtok

    [guhng-tok] /ˈgʌŋˈtɒk/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Sikkim, in the S part. [sik-im] /ˈsɪk ɪm/ noun 1. a kingdom in NE India, in the Himalayas between Nepal and Bhutan. 2818 sq. mi. (7298 sq. km). Capital: Gangtok. /ˈɡʌŋtɒk/ noun 1. a town in NE India: capital of Sikkim state. Pop: 29 […]

  • Gang-up

    [gang-uhp] /ˈgæŋˌʌp/ noun 1. an act of ganging up or uniting in opposition to someone or something.

  • Ganister

    [gan-uh-ster] /ˈgæn ə stər/ noun 1. a highly refractory, siliceous rock used to line furnaces. 2. a synthetic product similar to this rock, made by mixing ground quartz with a bonding material. /ˈɡænɪstə/ noun 1. a highly refractory siliceous sedimentary rock occurring beneath coal seams: used for lining furnaces 2. a similar material synthesized from […]

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