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[gan-tree] /ˈgæn tri/

noun, plural gantries.
a framework spanning a railroad track or tracks for displaying signals.
any of various spanning frameworks, as a bridgelike portion of certain cranes.
Rocketry. a frame consisting of scaffolds on various levels used to erect vertically launched rockets and spacecraft.
a framelike stand for supporting a barrel or cask.
noun (pl) -tries
a bridgelike framework used to support a travelling crane, signals over a railway track, etc
Also called gantry scaffold. the framework tower used to attend to a large rocket on its launching pad
a supporting framework for a barrel or cask


1570s, originally “four-footed stand for a barrel,” probably from Old North French gantier (Old French chantier, 13c., “store-room, stock-room”), from Latin cantherius “rafter, frame,” also “a gelding,” from Greek kanthelios “pack ass,” related to kanthelion “rafter,” of unknown origin. The connecting notion in all this seems to be framework for carrying things. Meaning “frame for a crane, etc.” is from 1810. Railway signal sense attested by 1889.


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