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(Brit) a person who is taking a gap year


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  • Gap phenomenon

    gap phenomenon n. A short period in the cycle of atrioventricular or intraventricular conduction during which an impulse is allowed to pass.

  • Gapping

    [gap-ing] /ˈgæp ɪŋ/ noun, Linguistics. 1. a rule of transformational grammar by which repeated instances of a verb are deleted from conjoined sentences, as in the deletion of brought from Mary brought the bread, John the cheese, and Bill the wine. [gap] /gæp/ noun 1. a break or opening, as in a fence, wall, or […]

  • Gap-toothed

    [gap-tootht, -tooth d] /ˈgæpˌtuθt, -ˌtuðd/ adjective 1. having a noticeable space between two teeth. adjective 1. having wide spaces between the teeth

  • Gapy

    [geyps, gaps] /geɪps, gæps/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. Veterinary Pathology. a parasitic disease of poultry and other birds, characterized by frequent due to infestation of the trachea and bronchi with gapeworms. 2. a fit of yawning. /ɡeɪps/ noun (functioning as sing) 1. a disease of young domestic fowl, characterized by gaping or […]

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