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[guh-rahzh, -rahj or, esp. British, gar-ij, -ahzh] /gəˈrɑʒ, -ˈrɑdʒ or, esp. British, ˈgær ɪdʒ, -ɑʒ/

a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles.
a commercial establishment for repairing and servicing motor vehicles.
verb (used with object), garaged, garaging.
to put or keep in a garage.
accommodation for housing a motor vehicle: there is garaging for two cars
/ˈɡærɑːʒ; -rɪdʒ/
a building or part of a building used to house a motor vehicle
a commercial establishment in which motor vehicles are repaired, serviced, bought, and sold, and which usually also sells motor fuels

(transitive) to put into, keep in, or take to a garage

1902, from French garage “shelter for a vehicle,” originally “a place for storing something,” from verb garer “to shelter,” from Middle French garer “to shelter, dock ships,” from Frankish *waron “to guard” or some other Germanic source (cf. Old High German waron “take care”), from Proto-Germanic *war-, from PIE root *wer- “to cover” (see warrant (n.)).

Influenced no doubt by the success of the recent Club run, and by the fact that more than 100 of its members are automobile owners, the N.Y.A.C. has decided to build a “garage,” the French term for an automobile stable, at Travers Island, that will be of novel design, entirely different from any station in the country. [New York Athletic Club Journal, May 1902]

Garage sale first attested 1966.


1906, from garage (n.). Related: Garaged; garaging.


A kind of house music (1980s+)


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