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Garden suburb

(Brit) a suburb of a large established town or city, planned along the lines of a garden city


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  • Garden-variety

    [gahr-dn-vuh-rahy-i-tee] /ˈgɑr dn vəˌraɪ ɪ ti/ adjective 1. common, usual, or ordinary; unexceptional. adjective Of the usual kind; ordinary; run-of-the-mill (1928+)

  • Garden warbler

    noun 1. any of several small brownish-grey European songbirds of the genus Sylvia (warblers), esp S. borin, common in woods and hedges: in some parts of Europe they are esteemed as a delicacy

  • Garden-webworm

    noun 1. See under . [web-wurm] /ˈwɛbˌwɜrm/ noun 1. the larva of any of several moths, as Hyphantria cunea (fall webworm) or Loxostege similalis (garden webworm) which spins a over the foliage on which it feeds.

  • Garderobe

    [gahrd-rohb] /ˈgɑrdˌroʊb/ noun 1. a wardrobe or its contents. 2. a private room, as a bedroom. 3. (in medieval architecture) a latrine or privy. /ˈɡɑːdˌrəʊb/ noun (archaic) 1. a wardrobe or the contents of a wardrobe 2. a bedroom or private room 3. a privy early 14c., from Old French garderobe (Old North French warderobe; […]

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