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[gahr-guh l] /ˈgɑr gəl/

verb (used without object), gargled, gargling.
to wash or rinse the throat or mouth with a liquid held in the throat and kept in motion by a stream of air from the lungs.
verb (used with object), gargled, gargling.
to gargle (the throat or mouth).
to utter with a gargling sound.
any liquid used for gargling.
a gargling sound.
to rinse (the mouth and throat) with a liquid, esp a medicinal fluid by slowly breathing out through the liquid
to utter (words, sounds, etc) with the throaty bubbling noise of gargling
the liquid used for gargling
the sound produced by gargling
(Brit, informal) an alcoholic drink: what was her favourite gargle?

1520s, from Middle French gargouiller “to gurgle, bubble” (14c.), from Old French gargole “throat, waterspout,” perhaps from garg-, imitative of throat sounds, + *goule, dialect word for “mouth,” from Latin gula “throat.” Related: Gargled; gargling. The earlier, native, form of the word was Middle English gargarize (early 15c.).

1650s, from gargle (v.).

gargle gar·gle (gär’gəl)
v. gar·gled, gar·gling, gar·gles
To force exhaled air through a liquid held in the back of the mouth, with the head tilted back, in order to cleanse or medicate the mouth or throat. n.
A medicated fluid used for gargling. Also called throatwash.


A drink, esp of liquor (1864+)


To drain and flush the radiator of a truck (1930s+ Truckers)


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