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[gahr-muh nt] /ˈgɑr mənt/

any article of clothing:
dresses, suits, and other garments.
an outer covering or outward appearance.
verb (used with object)
to clothe, dress, or cover.
(often pl) an article of clothing
outer covering
(transitive; usually passive) to cover or clothe

c.1400, variant of garnement (early 14c.), from Old French garnement “garment, attire, clothes,” from garnir “fit out, provide, adorn” (see garnish).


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    noun 1. a travel bag made of pliable, durable material with a handle and a zipper closure, designed to hang straight or fold double and used to carry suits, dresses, coats, or the like without crushing or wrinkling. 2. a plastic or cloth bag with a zipper closure in which clothes can be hung in […]

  • Garment-district

    noun 1. an area in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City, including portions of Seventh Avenue and Broadway between 34th and 40th Streets and the streets intersecting them, that contains many factories, showrooms, etc., related to the design, manufacture, and wholesale distribution of clothing.

  • Garmento

    noun A person in the business of designing and manufacturing garments •A deprecating term for old-fashioned practitioners, and a self-deprecating term, like the rag trade, for the whole industry (1980s+)

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    [gahr-mish-pahrt-n-keer-kuh n; German gahr-mish-pahrt-n-keer-khuh n] /ˈgɑr mɪʃˈpɑrt nˌkɪər kən; German ˈgɑr mɪʃˈpɑrt nˌkir xən/ noun 1. a city in S Germany, in the Bavarian Alps.

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