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[gahr-ner] /ˈgɑr nər/

verb (used with object)
to gather or deposit in or as if in a granary or other storage place.
to get; acquire; earn:
He gradually garnered a national reputation as a financial expert.
to gather, collect, or hoard.
a granary or grain bin.
a store or supply of anything.
verb (transitive)
to gather or store in or as if in a granary
an archaic word for granary
(archaic) a place for storage or safekeeping
Erroll. 1921–77, US jazz pianist and composer, noted for the jazz standard ‘Misty’ (1954)
Helen. born 1942. Australian novelist and journalist. Her books include the novels Monkey Grip (1977), The Idea of Perfection (2002), The Children’s Bach (1984), and The Spare Room (2008), and the nonfiction The First Stone (1995)

late 12c., gerner, from Old French gernier, metathesized variant of grenier “storehouse, loft for grain,” from Latin granarium “a store-house” (see granary).

late 15c., from garner (n.). Related: Garnered; garnering.

(1.) Heb. ‘otsar, a treasure; a store of goods laid up, and hence also the place where they are deposited (Joel 1:17; 2 Chr. 32:27, rendered “treasury”). (2.) Heb. mezev, a cell, storeroom (Ps. 144:13); Gr. apotheke, a place for storing anything, a granary (Matt. 3:12; Luke 3:17).


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