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an undergarment of cloth or elastic, with attached garters, worn by women to hold up stockings.


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  • Garter

    [gahr-ter] /ˈgɑr tər/ noun 1. Also called, British, sock suspender, suspender. an article of clothing for holding up a stocking or sock, usually an elastic band around the leg or an elastic strap hanging from a girdle or other undergarment. 2. a similar band worn to hold up a shirt sleeve. 3. a leather strap […]

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    gastric analysis n. The determination of the pH and acid output of the contents of the stomach.

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    gastric artery n.

  • Gastric-bypass

    noun 1. a surgical procedure by which all or part of the stomach is circumvented by anastomosis to the small intestine, performed to overcome obstruction or in the treatment of morbid obesity. gastric bypass n. A surgical procedure used for treatment of morbid obesity, consisting of the severance of the upper stomach, anastomosis of the […]

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