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[gas-fahyuh rd] /ˈgæsˌfaɪərd/

using a gas for fuel.

using a combustible gas as fuel


Read Also:

  • Gas-fitter

    noun 1. a person who installs gas pipes and apparatus in buildings.

  • Gas-fitting

    noun 1. the work or business of a gas fitter. 2. gas fittings, fittings for the use of illuminating gas.

  • Gas-furnace

    noun 1. a furnace using gas as a fuel. 2. a furnace for distilling gas from a solid fuel, as coal.

  • Gas-gangrene

    noun, Pathology. 1. a gangrenous infection developing in wounds, especially deep wounds with closed spaces, caused by bacteria that form gases in the subcutaneous tissues. noun 1. gangrene resulting from infection of a wound by anaerobic bacteria (esp Clostridium welchii) that cause gas bubbles and swelling in the surrounding tissues gas gangrene n. A form […]

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