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a gas burner in a fireplace, made to resemble a log.


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  • Gas-main

    noun 1. a large pipe for conducting and distributing gas to lesser pipes or ducts, especially such a pipe carrying and distributing household gas beneath the streets of a town or city. noun 1. a large pipeline in which gas is carried for distribution through smaller pipes to consumers

  • Gasman

    [gas-man] /ˈgæsˌmæn/ noun, plural gasmen. 1. a person who works for a company that sells or distributes household , especially a person who goes from building to building reading meters to determine what charge is to be billed. 2. a person who produces, distributes, or sells for industrial or commercial use. 3. . 4. Mining. […]

  • Gas-mantle

    noun 1. (def 5). noun 1. a mantle for use in a gaslight See mantle (sense 4)

  • Gas-mask

    noun 1. a masklike device containing or attached to a component that filters the air inhaled by the wearer through charcoal and chemicals, for protecting the face and lungs against noxious gases and fumes, as in warfare or in certain industrial processes. noun 1. a mask fitted with a chemical filter to enable the wearer […]

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