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Gas something up

verb phrase

To make more interesting, exciting, etc; gin something up, JAZZ something UP: Warner Brothers has been around to gas things up a little (1950s+)


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  • Gas-station

    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. (mainly US & Canadian) another term for filling station

  • Gassy

    [gas-ee] /ˈgæs i/ adjective, gassier, gassiest. 1. full of or containing . 2. resembling . 3. . 4. Slang. given to idle, empty talk. /ˈɡæsɪ/ adjective -sier, -siest 1. filled with, containing, or resembling gas 2. (informal) full of idle or vapid talk adj. 1757, from gas + -y (2). adjective Garrulous; loudly self-important and […]

  • Gast

    [gast] /gæst/ verb (used with object), Obsolete. 1. to terrify or frighten. adj. “animal which does not produce in season,” 1729, an East Anglian dialect word, perhaps from Middle Dutch gast “barren soil.”

  • Gas-tank

    noun 1. a tank containing the gasoline supply in a car, truck, or other gasoline-engine vehicle. 2. a storage tank for gas or gasoline.

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