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Global Anesthesiology Server Network


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  • Gasohol

    [gas-uh-hawl, -hol] /ˈgæs əˌhɔl, -ˌhɒl/ noun 1. a mixture of and , generally containing no more than 10 percent , used as an alternative fuel for some automobiles. /ˈɡæsəˌhɒl/ noun 1. a mixture of 80% or 90% petrol with 20% or 10% ethyl alcohol, for use as a fuel in internal-combustion engines n. gasoline and […]

  • Gasogene

    [gas-uh-jeen] /ˈgæs əˌdʒin/ noun 1. .

  • Gas oil

    noun 1. a fuel oil obtained in the distillation of petroleum, intermediate in viscosity and boiling point between paraffin and lubricating oils. It boils above about 250°C

  • Gasolene

    [gas-uh-leen, gas-uh-leen] /ˌgæs əˈlin, ˈgæs əˌlin/ noun, Now Rare. 1. .

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