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[gas-per-goo] /ˌgæs pərˈgu/

noun, plural gaspergous (especially collectively) gaspergou.


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  • Gas peritonitis

    gas peritonitis n. Inflammation of the peritoneum accompanied by an intraperitoneal gas.

  • Gas-permeable lens

    [gas-pur-mee-uh-buh l] /ˈgæsˌpɜr mi ə bəl/ noun 1. a semisoft contact lens, usually removed each day, that allows air to pass through to the eye and affords a wider range of vision corrections than a soft contact lens. noun 1. a contact lens made of rigid plastic that is more permeable to air than a […]

  • Gasping

    [gasp, gahsp] /gæsp, gɑsp/ noun 1. a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise. 2. a convulsive effort to breathe. 3. a short, convulsive utterance: the words came out in gasps. verb (used without object) 4. to catch one’s breath. 5. to struggle for breath with the mouth open; breathe convulsively. 6. […]

  • Gas-plant

    noun 1. a plant, Dictamnus albus, of the rue family, native to Eurasia, having clusters of white or reddish flowers and strong-smelling foliage that emits a flammable vapor. noun 1. an aromatic white-flowered Eurasian rutaceous plant, Dictamnus albus, that emits a vapour capable of being ignited Also called burning bush, dittany, fraxinella

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