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Gastric fistula

[gas-trik] /ˈgæs trɪk/

pertaining to the stomach.
of, relating to, near, or involving the stomach: gastric pains

1650s, with -ic + Greek gaster (genitive gastros) “stomach,” by dissimilation from *graster, literally “eater, devourer,” from gran “to gnaw, eat,” from PIE root *gras- “to devour” (cf. Greek grastis “green fodder,” Latin gramen “fodder, grass,” Old English cærse “cress”).

gastric gas·tric (gās’trĭk)
Of, relating to, or associated with the stomach.
Relating to or involving the stomach.

A descriptive term for things pertaining to the stomach.


Read Also:

  • Gastric fold

    gastric fold n. Any of the characteristic folds of the mucous membrane lining the stomach.

  • Gastric gland

    gastric gland n. Any of the branched tubular glands in the mucosa of the fundus and body of the stomach, containing parietal cells that secrete hydrochloric acid and zymogenic cells that produce pepsin. Also called fundus gland, gastric follicle.

  • Gastric indigestion

    gastric indigestion n. Indigestion in the stomach.

  • Gastric inhibitory polypeptide

    gastric inhibitory polypeptide n. Abbr. GIP A peptide hormone secreted by the stomach that stimulates insulin release as part of the digestive process.

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