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[ga-strahy-tis] /gæˈstraɪ tɪs/

inflammation of the stomach, especially of its mucous membrane.
inflammation of the lining of the stomach

1806, medical Latin, from gastro- + -itis. Coined by French pathologist François-Boissier de la Croix de Sauvages (1706-1767).

gastritis gas·tri·tis (gā-strī’tĭs)
Chronic or acute inflammation of the stomach, especially of the mucous membrane of the stomach.


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  • Gastritis cystica polyposa

    gastritis cystica polyposa gastritis cys·ti·ca pol·y·po·sa (sĭs’tĭ-kə pŏl’ə-pō’sə, -zə) n. Large fixed mucosal polyps arising in the stomach proximal to an old gastroenterostomy.

  • Gastro

    1. a combining form meaning “stomach,” used in the formation of compound words: gastrology. combining form 1. stomach: gastroenteritis, gastritis scientific word-forming element meaning “stomach,” before vowels gastr-, from Greek gastro-, comb. form of gaster (genitive gastros) “belly, paunch” (see gastric). gastro- or gastr- pref. Stomach; gastric: gastritis.

  • Gastroanastomosis

    gastroanastomosis gas·tro·a·nas·to·mo·sis (gās’trō-ə-nās’tə-mō’sĭs) n. Anastomosis of the cardiac and the antral segments of the stomach. Also called gastrogastrostomy.

  • Gastrocele

    gastrocele gas·tro·cele (gās’trə-sēl’) n.

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