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[gas-troh-puhb] /ˈgæs troʊˌpʌb/

a bar that serves good food and high-quality alcoholic beverages.


Read Also:

  • Gastro-pub

    noun 1. a pub serving restaurant-quality food

  • Gastropulmonary

    gastropulmonary gas·tro·pul·mo·nar·y (gās’trō-pul’mə-něr’ē, -pŭl’-) adj. Pneumogastric.

  • Gastropylorectomy

    gastropylorectomy gas·tro·py·lor·ec·to·my (gās’trō-pī’lə-rěk’tə-mē) n. See pylorectomy.

  • Gastropyloric

    gastropyloric gas·tro·py·lor·ic (gās’trō-pī-lôr’ĭk, -pĭ-) adj. Relating to the stomach and the pylorus.

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