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/ɡəʊl; ɡɔːl; French ɡol/
See de Gaulle


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  • Gaullism

    [goh-liz-uh m, gaw-] /ˈgoʊ lɪz əm, ˈgɔ-/ noun 1. a political movement in France led by Charles de Gaulle. 2. the principles and policies of the Gaullists. /ˈɡəʊlɪzəm; ˈɡɔː-/ noun 1. the conservative French nationalist policies and principles associated with General Charles de Gaulle 2. a political movement founded on and supporting General de Gaulle’s […]

  • Gaullist

    [goh-list, gaw-] /ˈgoʊ lɪst, ˈgɔ-/ noun 1. a supporter of the political principles of Charles de Gaulle. 2. a French person who supported the French resistance movement against the Nazi occupation in World War II. /ˈɡəʊlɪst; ˈɡɔː-/ noun 1. a supporter of Gaullism adjective 2. of, characteristic of, supporting, or relating to Gaullism

  • Gault

    /ɡɔːlt/ noun 1. a stiff compact clay or thick heavy clayey soil /ɡɔːlt/ noun 1. the Gault, the Lower Cretaceous clay formation in eastern England

  • Gaultheria

    /ɡɔːlˈθɪərɪə/ noun 1. any aromatic evergreen shrub of the ericaceous genus Gaultheria, of America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, esp the wintergreen

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