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gigacycle; gigacycles.
gigacycles per second.
George Cross (a Brit award for bravery)

1. garbage collection.
2. A storage allocator with garbage collection by Hans-J. Boehm and Alan J. Demers. Gc is a plug-in replacement for C’s malloc. Since the collector does not require pointers to be tagged, it does not attempt to ensure that all inaccessible storage is reclaimed.
Version 3.4 has been ported to Sun-3, Sun-4, Vax/BSD, Ultrix, Intel 80386/Unix, SGI, Alpha/OSF/1, Sequent (single threaded), Encore (single threaded), RS/600, HP-UX, Sony News, A/UX, Amiga, NeXT.
gas chromatograph
gas chromatography
guanine and cytosine (base pair in polynucleic acids)


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