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Gd lkg



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  • Gdmo

    Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects. A standard (ISO/IEC 10165-4) for defining data models on ASN.1

  • GDNA

    1. genomic DNA.

  • Gdns

    abbreviation 1. Gardens

  • G douw

    [dou] /daʊ/ noun 1. Gerard [gey-rahrt] /ˈgeɪ rɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1613–75, Dutch painter: pupil of Rembrandt. [Dutch dou] /Dutch daʊ/ noun 1. Gerrard [Dutch gey-rahrt] /Dutch ˈgeɪ rɑrt/ (Show IPA), . /daʊ; Dutch dɔu/ noun 1. Gerard (ˈxeːrɑrt). 1613–75, Dutch portrait and genre painter

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