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[guh-dahng-kuh n] /gəˈdɑŋ kən/

noun, Physics.


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  • Geddes

    [ged-eez] /ˈgɛd iz/ noun 1. Norman Bel [bel] /bɛl/ (Show IPA), 1893–1958, U.S. industrial and stage designer and architect. 2. Sir Patrick, 1854–1932, Scottish biologist, sociologist, and town planner.

  • Geddit

    /ˈɡɛdɪt/ interjection 1. (slang) an exclamation meaning do you understand it?: they nicknamed him ‘Treasure’, because of his sunken chest, geddit?

  • Geder

    a walled place, (Josh. 12:13), perhaps the same as Gederah or Gedor (15:58).

  • Gederah

    the fortress; a fortified place, a town in the plain (shephelah) of Judah (Josh. 15:36). This is a very common Canaanite and Phoenician name. It is the feminine form of Geder (12:13); the plural form is Gederoth (15:41). This place has by some been identified with Jedireh, a ruin 9 miles from Lydda, toward Eleutheropolis, […]

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