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[gee-zer] /ˈgi zər/

noun, Slang.
an odd or eccentric man:
the old geezer who sells shoelaces on the corner.
noun (informal)
a man

1885, variant of obsolete Cockney guiser “mummer” (late 15c.; see guise).


: Van Dyke’s comeback is part of a multinetwork trend toward what could be called geezer mysteries/ ”Geezer rock” goes on tour


A man, esp an old man; duffer, gaffer, guy: It gave him all kinds of confidence just to hear the big geezer spout/ He is a tall geezer with chin whiskers

[1885+; fr earlier and possibly Cockney giser, ”mummer, one who puts on a guise or mask,” hence a quaint figure; the origin resembles that of guy]



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