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[jel] /dʒɛl/

Physical Chemistry. a semirigid colloidal dispersion of a solid with a liquid or gas, as jelly, glue, etc.
Theater. (def 5).
Biochemistry. a semirigid polymer, as agarose, starch, cellulose acetate, or polyacrylamide, cast into slabs or cylinders for the electrophoretic separation of proteins and nucleic acids.
verb (used without object), gelled, gelling.
to form or become a gel.
(def 2).
a semirigid jelly-like colloid in which a liquid is dispersed in a solid: nondrip paint is a gel
See hair gel
(theatre, informal) See gelatine (sense 4)
verb gels, gelling, gelled
to become or cause to become a gel
a variant spelling of jell

1899, as a chemical term, short for gelatin and perhaps influenced by jell. The invention of this word is credited to Scottish chemist Thomas Graham (1805-1869). Hair-styling sense is from 1958. The verb meaning “to become a gel” is attested by 1902; figurative sense is from 1958. Related: Gelled; gelling.

gel (jěl)
A colloid in which the disperse phase combines with the dispersion medium to produce a semisolid material. v. gelled, gel·ling, gels



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