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[jem-uh] /ˈdʒɛm ə/

noun, plural gemmae
[jem-ee] /ˈdʒɛm i/ (Show IPA)
a bud.
Botany. a cell or cluster of cells, or a leaflike or budlike body, that separates from the parent plant to form a new organism, as in mosses and liverworts.
noun (pl) -mae (-miː)
a small asexual reproductive structure in liverworts, mosses, etc, that becomes detached from the parent and develops into a new individual
(zoology) another name for gemmule (sense 1)
Plural gemmae (jěm’ē’)
A budlike mass of undifferentiated tissue which serves as a means of vegetative reproduction among mosses and liverworts. The gemmae, often formed in structures called gemma cups, are usually dispersed from the parent plant by the splashing of raindrops, after which they develop into new individuals.


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