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General anaesthetic

a drug producing anaesthesia of the entire body, with loss of consciousness


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  • General anatomy

    general anatomy n. The study of the structure and composition of the body as well as of its tissues and fluids.

  • General anesthesia

    general anesthesia n. Loss of the ability to perceive pain associated with loss of consciousness, produced by anesthetic agents.

  • General anesthetic

    general anesthetic n. An agent that produces loss of sensation and loss of consciousness. An anesthetic that affects the entire body. This kind of anesthetic acts on the brain to cause loss of consciousness. (Compare local anesthetic.)

  • General-average

    noun 1. Insurance. any damage or loss to a ship or its cargo voluntarily sustained, as freight jettisoned in a storm, by all parties to a voyage (distinguished from ). Abbreviation: G.A. noun 1. (insurance) loss or damage to a ship or its cargo that is shared among the shipowners and all the cargo owners […]

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