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noun, Pathology.
a syphilitic brain disorder characterized by chronic inflammation and degeneration of cerebral tissue resulting in mental and physical deterioration.


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  • General paralysis of the insane

    noun 1. a disease of the central nervous system: a late manifestation of syphilis, often occurring up to 15 years after the original infection, characterized by mental deterioration, speech defects, and progressive paralysis GPI Also called general paresis, dementia paralytica

  • General-partner

    noun 1. a partner with unlimited liability for the debts of the partnership.

  • General-postal-union

    noun 1. former name of . Abbreviation: GPU.

  • General-post-office

    noun 1. (in the U.S. postal system) the main post office of a city, county, etc., that also has branch post offices. Abbreviation: G.P.O., GPO. noun 1. (in Britain until 1969) the department of the central Government that provided postal and telephone services 2. the main post office in a locality

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