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General purpose interface bus

IEEE 488


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  • General purpose language

    (GPL) An ALGOL 60 variant with user-definable types and operators. [Sammet 1969, p. 195]. [“The GPL Language”, J.V. Garwick et al, TER-05, CDC, Palo Alto 1969].

  • General purpose macro-generator

    language (GPM) An early text-processing language similar to TRAC, implemented on the Atlas 2 by Christopher Strachey. [“A General Purpose Macrogenerator”, C. Strachey, Computer J 8(3):225-241, Oct 1965]. (2006-07-21)

  • General-quarters

    noun, (used with a singular verb) Military. 1. a condition of readiness for combat on a warship, during which crew members remain at their battle stations and have guns and ammunition ready for immediate loading.

  • General recursion theorem

    mathematics Cantor’s theorem, originally stated for ordinals, which extends inductive proof to recursive construction. The proof is by pasting together “attempts” (partial solutions). [Better explanation?] (1995-06-15)

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