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[jen-er-uh l-see] /ˈdʒɛn ər əl si/

the office or tenure of a .


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  • General-delivery

    noun 1. a postal service that delivers mail to a specific post office where it is held for pickup by the addressee. 2. the postal department that handles such mail. noun (US & Canadian) 1. an address on mail indicating that it should be kept at a specified post office until collected by the addressee […]

  • General-discharge

    noun, Military. 1. a discharge from military service of a person who has served honorably but who has not met all the conditions of an honorable discharge. 2. a certificate of such a discharge.

  • General duty nurse

    general duty nurse n. A nurse who does not specialize in a particular area of practice but is available for any duty.

  • General-election

    noun 1. U.S. Politics. 2. British. an election, which must be held at any time within five years of the last election, in which constituents elect members of the House of Commons. noun 1. an election in which representatives are chosen in all constituencies of a state 2. (US) a final election from which successful […]

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