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Genetic dominant

genetic dominant adj.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of a pattern of inheritance of an autosomal trait that is expressed by a gene that always manifests itself phenotypically.


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  • Genetic-drift

    noun 1. random changes in the frequency of alleles in a gene pool, usually of small populations. genetic drift n. Random fluctuations in the frequency of the appearance of a gene in a small isolated population, presumably owing to chance rather than natural selection. Also called drift. genetic drift Fluctuations in the frequency of a […]

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    generalized epilepsy n. See grand mal.

  • Generalized cortical hyperostosis

    generalized cortical hyperostosis n. See Van Buchem’s syndrome.

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    generalized anxiety disorder n. An anxiety neurosis or state characterized by an overall anxious mood lasting at least one month and including such symptoms as jitteriness, sweating, feelings of catastrophe concerning one’s family or self, and irritability.

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