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any distinct inheritable indicator of identity and ancestry.
a chromosomal landmark or allele that allows for the tracing of a specific region of DNA, as in the study of recombination.
a gene with two or more alternative forms, producing readily identifiable variations in a particular character, used in studies of linkage, genetic mapping, and identification of the presence of other genes that are closely linked to, and therefore usually inherited with, it

genetic marker n.
A gene phenotypically associated with a particular, easily identified trait and used to identify an individual or cell carrying that gene.
genetic marker
A gene or DNA sequence having a known location on a chromosome. Genetic markers associated with certain diseases can be used to determine whether an individual is at risk for developing an inherited disease.


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  • Genetic medicine

    noun the study of genetic mechanisms, including the genetic basis of human diseases, and the development of genetically based tests and therapies Usage Note medicine

  • Genetic modification

    noun any alteration of genetic material, as in agriculture, to make them capable of producing new substances or performing new functions; also called genetic engineering , genetic manipulation , gene splicing , [gene technology], recombinant DNA technology Usage Note science

  • Genetic pollution

    noun the dispersal of contaminated altered genes from genetically engineered organisms to natural organisms, esp. by cross-pollination Examples There is a new report on the genetic pollution of corn in Mexico.

  • Genetic predisposition

    noun an inherited genetic pattern that makes one susceptible to a certain disease Usage Note science

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