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Genital corpuscle

genital corpuscle n.
Any of the encapsulated nerve endings in skin of the genitalia and nipples.


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  • Genital-herpes

    noun, Pathology. 1. a sexually transmitted disease caused by herpes simplex virus type 2, characterized primarily by transient blisters on and around the genitals. noun 1. a sexually transmitted disease caused by a variety of the herpes simplex virus in which painful blisters occur in the genital region genital herpes n. A highly contagious, sexually […]

  • Genitalia

    [jen-i-tey-lee-uh, -teyl-yuh] /ˌdʒɛn ɪˈteɪ li ə, -ˈteɪl yə/ plural noun, Anatomy. 1. the organs of reproduction, especially the external organs. n. 1876, Modern Latin, from Latin genitalia (membra), neuter plural of genitalis (see genital). genitalia gen·i·ta·li·a (jěn’ĭ-tā’lē-ə, -tāl’yə) pl.n. The reproductive organs, especially the external sex organs.

  • Genitality

    genitality gen·i·tal·i·ty (jěn’ĭ-tāl’ĭ-tē) n.

  • Genital-mutilation

    noun 1. any type of cutting or removal of all or some of the genital organs, especially excision of the clitoris.

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