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Genuine parmesan


See Parmigiano-Reggiano


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  • Gen up

    verb gens up, genning up, genned up 1. (adverb; often passive; when intransitive, usually foll by on) (Brit, informal) to brief (someone) or study (something) in detail; make or become fully conversant with: I can only take over this job if I am properly genned up

  • Genupectoral position

    genupectoral position gen·u·pec·to·ral position (jěn’yōō-pěk’tər-əl) n. See knee-chest position.

  • Genuphobia

    noun a fear of knees, kneeling Word Origin Latin genu ‘knee’

  • Genu recurvatum

    genu recurvatum genu re·cur·va·tum (rē’kûr-vā’təm) n. The backward curvature of the knee; hyperextension of the knee.

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