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[jee-ohd] /ˈdʒi oʊd/

a hollow concretionary or nodular stone often lined with crystals.
the hollow or cavity of this.
any similar formation.
a cavity, usually lined with crystals, within a rock mass or nodule

rounded stone with a hollow center lined with crystals, 1670s, from French géode, from Latin geodes, from Greek geodes “earthy, earth-like,” from ge “earth” (Homeric gaia; see Gaia) + -oides, adjective suffix, “characterized by.” Perhaps so called in reference to the “earthy” minerals inside.

geode ge·ode (jē’ōd’)
A cystlike space with or without an epithelial lining, usually observed in subarticular bone in arthritic disorders.
A small, hollow, usually rounded rock lined on the inside with inward-pointing crystals. Geodes form when mineral-rich water entering a cavity in a rock undergoes a sudden change in pressure or temperature, causing crystals to form from the solution and line the cavity’s walls.


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