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[jee-ol-uh-jee] /dʒiˈɒl ə dʒi/

noun, plural geologies.
the science that deals with the dynamics and physical history of the earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the earth has undergone or is undergoing.
the study of this science.
the features and processes occurring in a given region on the earth or on a celestial body:
the geology of Mars; the geology of eastern Kentucky.
the scientific study of the origin, history, structure, and composition of the earth
the geological features of a district or country

1735, from Modern Latin geologia “the study of the earth,” from geo- “earth” + logia (see -logy). In Medieval Latin, geologia (14c.) meant “study of earthly things,” i.e. law, as distinguished from arts and sciences, which concern the works of God. Darwin used geologize as a verb.

The science devoted to the study of the Earth, particularly the solid Earth and the rocks that compose it.


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